Robotics Technology

Robot technology is an area related to artificial intelligence. It is the use of machines, construction, operation, and design of robots to perform human tasks. It also uses different computer systems for information processing, sensory feedback, and control. Use technology in this field to create machines that can replicate human behavior and can replace human behavior. Robots need intelligence to handle tasks such as object navigation and manipulation as well as mapping, motion planning, and positioning. Robots are widely used in various industries, such as automobile manufacturers, to perform repetitive and simple tasks, as well as industries that need to work in environments and situations that are harmful to humans. Technological innovations enable robots to sense human-like sensations, such as temperature, touch, and vision. Some advanced robots can make simple decisions. Now, research is working on creating robots with a certain level of self-sufficiency, which will enable decision-making capabilities and maneuverability in unstructured environments.
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